My mom has always been my best friend.  We bought a house together in 2008 and started the next phase of our lives together with my two boys and two dogs.  In 2009, mom was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  She fought bravely and was stronger than I ever imagined.  She lost her fight against this horrible disease in January of 2012.

I realized I am not doing the grief work necessary to move on.  I know I need to go through the process of grief…..so this is it…..this is my effort at working through my feelings of loss, anger, disappointment, loneliness……and hopefully I can finally say good-by to my mom.

Are you willing to journey with me?  It’s a hard road, but if we do it together it will be easier.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Believe me, I know how hard it is to loose a parent you cherish! Time does help as well as talking and CRYING….a lot of crying!. After a period of time you will only remember the great and funny times. Like when we were all in your pool on a hot afternoon and your mom and I were talking about “ladies dainties”…still cracks me up! She was so timid and shy and adorable. See, there is one for the books already.
    in my thoughts and prayers…
    Vegas Barbi

  2. I remember your mom as a great source of support for you! She was always there for you during school, those long days and nights of studying and clinicals! Cherish all if your memories and know how blessed you were to have her as your mom!

  3. Linda, your mom will always be with you in eveything you do. You may not be able to see her but she is still with you. You don’t need to say good-bye to her, she is always watching over you and the boys. You just need to let yourself mourn her physical existence until you see her again. She is so proud of you and what you have accomplished and become. You are quite a woman!!

  4. Your mother is so very special. I liked her from the very first time I met her. If you remember, she had some unique comments that we don’t hear very often. She reminds me in a very good way of the saying “You can be right and be alone too.” You know, God is always right and He doesn’t want to be without us, despite us sinning and doing sometimes what we shouldn’t be doing. So should we be that way with each other. If we are right on a matter, then as the Lord says, “Come let us reason together saith the Lord…”

  5. Linda – Just remember, you have friends who are there for you and your boys with waterproof shoulders! We’ve all been appointed by God to continue to care for you – with our love, laughter, and tears. Call us when you need adult companionship and time to utilize those shoulders. (A good glass of wine is helpful, too!) <

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