4, 3,2,1…Today

A sister shares her journey….


Four years ago- 2013

You wanted to do something “different” with your hair. So you came over, loaded with junk food and your Pepsi from Luke’s (gas station). I bleached the “under” part of your hair so that no matter what color you picked to put under it, it would be bright. We stayed up late that night just talking. You will all your gossip. Always having a story to tell.

Three years ago- 2014

We found out you had cancer. There was shock. So much unrealness. Luke’s (gas station) lunch. We needed to eat we were pregnant. Pizza and breadsticks with cheese. We were smiling but so close to tears. I talked about the kids. Brought our hearts back around to joy. Your favorite story of how I went into labor with my #1 the day of your 8th grade valentine’s day dance.

Two years ago-2015

There were issues…

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Dark Clouds

Every morning waking up is harder than the one before. Right now, each morning is a struggle. I have to talk myself out of bed. Once I get myself up, I can dust off the cobwebs that have encased my…

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