Mom…talk to Jesus for me would you?

Now my dad is in the hospital. He may have had a stroke. Edna called this morning from Anaheim. He had trouble moving his right leg last night so she called 911.

Here I am waiting…waiting for news…hoping he is still HIM when I see him next.

I feel quite different. Being far away and distant in so many ways removes me from responsibility. It’s not bad actually. Instead of being the caregiver and decision maker, I am a bystander. It’s not so bad.
As a nurse, of course I want to know everything but I’m not THE nurse, I am A nurse…and not his nurse.
So here I set in Indiana, waiting…waiting…for news. I have no control, no input, no decisions, did I say no control? Not sure if I like this or not. I’m used to being in control.
I’ll try this for a while. I really have no choice.

Mom? Would you ask Jesus to help Dad out?


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I am a mom of 3 -- two boys on earth and one boy in heaven. My mom is/was my best friend and since her death I've not been able to grieve as I know I should. I miss her.....I'm going to try to work through my pain here. Care to join me on my journey?

One thought on “Mom…talk to Jesus for me would you?”

  1. Praying for you and your dad my friend. Please know you are always in my thoughts and prayers but I will send a special one for your dad today. Let me know any updates.

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