Mom…talk to Jesus for me would you?

Now my dad is in the hospital. He may have had a stroke. Edna called this morning from Anaheim. He had trouble moving his right leg last night so she called 911.

Here I am waiting…waiting for news…hoping he is still HIM when I see him next.

I feel quite different. Being far away and distant in so many ways removes me from responsibility. It’s not bad actually. Instead of being the caregiver and decision maker, I am a bystander. It’s not so bad.
As a nurse, of course I want to know everything but I’m not THE nurse, I am A nurse…and not his nurse.
So here I set in Indiana, waiting…waiting…for news. I have no control, no input, no decisions, did I say no control? Not sure if I like this or not. I’m used to being in control.
I’ll try this for a while. I really have no choice.

Mom? Would you ask Jesus to help Dad out?