Trying hard….

Mom…tonight is the concert at Wheaton College that we went to last year.  My hands are shaking.  I’m nervous, anxious, and hoping this is the right thing to do.  We got through Thanksgiving fine — we talked about what we needed to get through the day.  Adam asked if we could sit in the dining room — he gets it — holidays are special!  Alex stayed with me while I cleaned up the table and told me how much he was thinking about you.  We did it!

Maybe I used up all my courage and strength over the weekend.  Now I have none left to get through tonight.  What have I gotten us into???

Will it be too much of a trigger for me? 

Will it be too hard to see the remaining 3 look-alike sisters together?

Will Heather be here on time?

Will traffic be bad?

Will we meet Fran, Keith and Vera on time?

Will we finish dinner in time to get to the concert?

Will we find parking?

Will my hands STOP SHAKING??


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I am a mom of 3 -- two boys on earth and one boy in heaven. My mom is/was my best friend and since her death I've not been able to grieve as I know I should. I miss her.....I'm going to try to work through my pain here. Care to join me on my journey?

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