Mom….don’t be mad….Oh if you were here I could just see your face.  You would be soooo pissed!!!  Because of course!  Heather just called and they are running late.  Oh why did she have to get that trait from our gene pool!  Why didn’t you give her your early for everything gene!!!!

I’m so sorry mom….so sorry…..I didn’t want to do tonight like this….please don’t let it ruin the night…..please don’t be mad at us……we are going!!

Love you Mom…..I’m trying…………but I am still me, and Heather is just like me…..late for everything……forgive us.




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I am a mom of 3 -- two boys on earth and one boy in heaven. My mom is/was my best friend and since her death I've not been able to grieve as I know I should. I miss her.....I'm going to try to work through my pain here. Care to join me on my journey?

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